7 Replies to “Build a 2.3″ 6 Digit LED Clock”

  1. Could you please tell me where I can get pad boards the size you use for the led clock
    And are there any clock IC,s on the market you don’t have to program

    Many thanks


    1. Hi Pete, the board is made by CIF (cif.fr)- part number AJP58. You can buy it from Farnell. There used to be a couple of clock ICs many years ago, but they were quite specific in their use, primarily designed for use in radio alarm clocks. You can build from discrete logic if you have the inclination. If you don’t have a programmer, I’d be happy to send you a programmed PIC if you were to use the same schematic as I have posted.

      Thanks for reading.


      1. Hi Steve , the clock is now well under way and have all components
        except the pic and the DS32Khz chip which I cant find in its 8pin dip
        package, but I have been told they do make. As for the pic I will gratefully take up your offer on the pre programmed one
        and you can send me your details for reimbursement
        many thanks
        More projects like this would not go amiss

        1. Hi Pete,

          That’s great, you’ll have to post some pictures or send some to me and I can put them on the blog. I also had trouble finding the 8 pin version – I expect it’s special order only. One thing to note – I actually did not place the D.P. resistor so you may want to leave that off your PCB otherwise the D.P.s will all flash with the current firmware.

          If you send me an e-mail I’ll happily send out a PIC.


    1. Hi Sarman, I’ll see how easy it would be to port to the AVR. I’ve not used them much, but I’d have thought most of the code other than initialisation and peripheral access could simply be copied across.

  2. maybe you can suggest me the hardware for driving the 7 segment, because avr (atmega8) use 5v, and your schematic use pic that use 3,3v… thanks 🙂

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