The Brightest LED Soldering Microscope Ring Light

This project is about designing a super bright LED illuminator for a standard trinocular soldering microscope.

I’m currently using a standard ring light on my Amscope SM745NTP-B, however at high zoom these ring lights do not perform well. In the case of using a camera to capture video, the amount of light reaching the camera sensor is minimal so I plan to build a better solution without the cost escalating too much.

Another issue with the standard ring light is the emitters are physically very close to the lens, thus it’s very easy to get direct reflection from shiny parts on a PCB. By moving the LEDs outwards, we can reduce this effect, hopefully eliminating the need for expensive polarising lenses.

Simple prototype to test a mounting method
Schematic Development
PCB Design
Panelising some LED boards for the Cree XHP50.2 LEDs

Links to Schematics and PCB Files:

To create the Pick and Place files, I used Open Office. This takes the Proteus output format and includes the equations to convert to metric:


The latest version of this project can now be found at:

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