Wharton NTP Clock Project

This project is an NTP clock which takes the main design features of the clocks designed by Wharton Electronics and modernises it for the SDG Electronics Lab.

To see how successful the design would be, I first released a version similar to the original design from Wharton.

The “Small” ESP32 Based Clock

If you want to build this clock for yourself, below are the JLCPCB Production files which can be uploaded directly (including the SMT assembly files)

Some prototype firmware is attached above, although it needs some tidying up. For the WiFi connection, it’s currently using the demo firmware – the easiest way to get started is to use the templates included with the ESP32 plugin for Eclipse. This has everything you need in it and allows you to set up the WiFi AP to connect to. There are many other methods, however I didn’t investigate too far…

Not content with the mere 690 LEDs used in this clock, I decided to go a step further and add an LED matrix to the bottom of the PCB for time, date, weather and anything else that could be useful to show. A total of 2000 LEDs should give JLCPCB’s assembly service a full test: